About us

AIC PROGETTI S.P.A. is an independent consulting engineering company, which was founded in 1965 through the merge of three professional firms operating in Italy in three engineering fields: architecture, transports and large structures, hydraulics. In subsequent years, this union, reinforced by the contribution of a large group of experts: engineers, architects, economists and geologists, Italian, French, English and African, has opened the company the way to foreign countries, collaborating with success, for almost half a century, in the field of design and control of road and large structures works and in the field of hydraulics.

In 1967 it started to work abroad thanks to the collaboration with the European Development Fund (EDF) and, subsequently, with the Cooperation Fund of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Bank, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Islamic Development Bank and IDA.

Company management

General Manager
Mr. Fabio Cesaroni

Managing Director
Mr. Giannandrea Cesaroni

Technical Manager
Mr. Mario Baglivo

Administrative and Financial Manager
Mr. Ferruccio Giovagnoni

Our history


AIC Progetti is formed into a limited company and operates through the work of its shareholders in the road sector in Italy with several major projects financed by the “Cassa del Mezzogiorno” and by the National Roads Agency (ANAS).
In 1967 AIC Progetti starts its activities at international level with the Niamey-Zinder road in Niger, financed by the European Development Fund (EDF).


AIC Progetti continues its activity in Italy and abroad, including the hydraulics sector by collaborating with international organizations helping developing countries in their growth.
It participates at important interventions in Africa financed by the Italian Aid Fund (FAI) managed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


AIC Progetti activities includes the Americas by participating to designs and works supervision in the field of transports and hydraulics in Bolivia, Peru, Salvador, Suriname, financed by the European Development Fund, World Bank and Interamerican Development Bank.

2000-up to date

AIC Progetti continues to work abroad and, in particular, in Africa also through the participation to various roads controls and supervisions.