Crossborder axes linking Dem.Rep.Congo/Rwanda/Burundi

Rehabilitation of crossborder axes among the Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi and preparation of tender documents for works and supervision



Name of Client

Communauté Economique des Pays des Grands Lacs (CEPGL)

Financing sources



11/2008 - 09/2011

Project Description

The European Commission, with the aim of improving the activities carried out by the Economic Community of Big Lakes Countries (CEPGL) between the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC), Rwanda and Burundi, financed a crossborder interconnection program with the aim of improving economic integration and peace in the Region. The project, financed by the European Union, with two service contracts in the Kivu and Tananyika Lake regions, concerns punctual reinforcement of road network and structures among the three countries in order to improve import-export transportation towards the sea to Dar El Salaam or Mombasa.

The study concerns the rehabilitation of the Poids Lourds steel bridge, Ruzizi 2, at the DRC-Rwanda boder, 88 m long ; the construction of the Ruzizi I bridge, with a length of 67 m, at the border post between DRC and Rwanda, in steel-concrete ; the road by-pass between the town of Goma (DRC) and the town of Gisenyi (Rwanda) ; the border road between Uvira and.Bjumbura 15.3 km long.

The study includes the preparation of the tender documents for works and control and supervision.

The study concerns the following interventions:

LOT 1 – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Bukavu town :

a)     Rehabilitation and paving of the road between the Rusizi II bridge, abutment on right bank, and the Rusizi I bridge (Ch 12+464.65) ;

b)     Construction of the waterproof layer and of the wearing course on the deck of the Rusizi I bridge;

c)     Three parking areas.

Uvira town :

a)     Widening, construction of pavement and wearing course in bituminous concrete of the border road of 6.655m between the junction at the exit of the Uvira town Ch 0.00 (DRC) and the Burundi border, Ch 6.655 (left bank of the Ruzizi river).

b)     Construction of a multiple culvert at Ch 6.629 ;

c)     Parking area at Ch 0.400.

Goma town :

a)     Road by-pass between the town of Goma ( DRC) and the town of Gisenyi (Rwanda). Construction of a paved road linking the harbour of Goma (Ch 0) to the border of Rwanda called Petite Barrière (Ch 3.4), passing by the roundabout of Banques ;

b)     Parking area at Ch 0+000 in the Port of Goma.

LOT 2 – Republic of Burundi

a)     Rehabilitation and reinforcement of the road between the roundabout Chanic at Bujumbura and the DRC border of 15422 metres.

b)     Parking area between Ch 15+348 and Ch 15+422 ;

c)     Construction of a building of 100 m2 to be used as storehouse for goods and a building for customs office (100m2).

LOT 3 – Republic of Rwanda

Gisenyi town :

a)     From the Petite Barrière, Ch 3+400, to the hospital in Gisenyi, Ch 7+263.98 ;

b)    A spur of 1,720 m will be built between the hospital in Gisenyi and the Ch 5.151.

Services Description

Topographic study, geological and geotechnical study, static calculations of bridges and detailed plans, environmental impact study, economic studies, preparation of tender documents for three lots.