Control and supervision of RN27, section Komanda-Bunia-Goli (258.85 km) and RN4, section Beni-Kasindi (78.45 km)

Control and supervision of rehabilitation and maintenance works of RN27, section Komanda-Bunia-Goli (258.85 km) and of RN4, section Beni-Kasindi (78.45 km), and rehabilitation/reconstruction of seven (7) modular steel bridges


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

Ministry of Infrastructures and Public Works

Financing sources

Pro-Routes N° P 101745 FONER


01/2017 - 04/2018

Project Description

The main objective of the project is to control and supervise rehabilitation and maintenance of earth road sections of the RN27 Komanda-Bunia-Goli and RN4, Beni-Kasindi section.

The works have been divided into two lots: Lot 1 : RN 27, section Komanda-Bunia-Goli (258.85 Km); Lot 2: RN4, section Beni-Kasindi (78.45 Km).

The road was, in 2015, subject of a comprehensive study of reconstruction of modular metal decks of 7 bridges.

The works execution lasted 21 months, including 5 months for maintenance.

The Consultant will provide technical support for the revision of the final design of interventions that will be implemented by the Enterprise and will have to be approved by the Cellule Infrastructure.

Services Description

Control and supervision of maintenance and rehabilitation works.