Bamako-Dakar par le Sud corridor

Control and Supervision of construction works of the Bamako-Dakar par le
Sud corridor: sections Sekokoto-Bafing including the by-pass of Kita and
Bafing-Faleme (229 km)



Name of Client

Ministère de l’Equipement et des Transports

Financing sources

FAD-BOAD-National budget


CIRA Ingénieurs Conseils – Mali (member)


11/2008 - 12/2011

Project Description

The project concerns the construction of the Sekoto-Bafing section of the Kita-Saraya-Kédougou road, that is an interregional road between Mali and Senegal, aiming at improving the socio-economic development of the Kita and Kéniéba area and creating a road connection between Mali and Senegal.

•    Lot n°l :

  • From Sékoto to Bafing and by-pass of Kita (73 km)
  • Annexed works

•    Lot n°2 :

  • From Bafing to Falémé and by-pass of Bafing Falémé (156 km)
  • Drainage works including two bridges and two big gutters.

•    Earthworks, carriageway and covering

The works include:

  • Widening of the roadway to 10 m (7 m of carriageway and 1,50 m for each shoulder);
  • Carriageway: subbase and base course in natural lateritic gravel, wearing course in double layer, single surface treatment on shoulders;

 •    Drainage works

  • Other works : both demolition and substitution, and elongation,
  • New works : concrete culverts,
  • Protection with gabions, rockfill or stones, where needed.

 •    Structures

  • Bridges over the Falémé and Bafing rivers;

•     Side ditches, security, traffic signs and others

  • Earth ditches, covered ditches in areas subject to erosion; gutters in main roads crossing urban areas.
  • Horizontal and vertical signals, speed control devices in urban areas.
  • Special equipment in main roads crossing urban areas: side parkings in blocks, widened cross sections.

Where needed, side earth roads were envisaged in order to avoid diversions.

Services Description

Control and supervision of construction works of 229 km of roads: Bamako-Dakar par le Sud corridor : sections Sekokoto-Bafing including the by-pass of Kita (73 km) and Faleme-Bafing (156 km).