Kigali-Muhanga-Huye-Akanyaru Road (157 km)

Study of the Kigali-Muhanga-Huye-Akanyaru road (157 km)



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05/2015 - 12/2016

Project Description

The existing alignment presents a hilly longitudinal profile and it is characterized in some parts by cut-fill cross section.

The total existing road width is 8.00 m, with two 3.00 m-wide lanes, and two shoulders of 1.00 m each.

The project in object foresees the existing road widening, according to the different type of road:

  • For the Rural arterials, the existing road will be widened to 10.20 m in width, with two 3.60 m-wide lanes, and two shoulders of 1.50 m;
  • For the Urban arterials (urban crossing of Kigali, Muhanga, Ruhango, Nyanza and Huye), the existing road will be widened to 4 lanes with 3.5 m width each and two shoulders of 2.50 m width, plus a raised median of 1.50 m width.

Basing on the information provided by RTDA and according to the point n.10 of the ToR, the urban crossing of Kigali has been limited from the ch.0+000 (Kigali round-about) up to the ch. 5+200 (junction with RN2 in Gitikinyoni).

The existing road has been designed to be upgraded to surfaced road standards in 1973-77 and the construction works have been executed in 1978-83.

The road has been rehabilitated in 1998-2000 (Kigali – Muhanga) and in 2004-2005 (Muhanga – Akanyaru). The rehabilitation works have been substantially limited to the strengthening of the pavement. The road alignment and the cross sections width are unchanged since the initial construction. It comes out that the road has been designed and constructed referring to the design speed of 40 km/h.

The existing route and the cross sectional elements have been established by optimising the balance of the following conflicting factors: the performance level (design speed and capacity) and the cost of the infrastructure.  In the particular environment of the project, the terrain morphology is the key factor controlling the geometric characteristics of the existing road alignment and of the potential alignment and road capacity improvements.

Referring to the ToR requirements and to the reconnaissance survey the following improvements have to be considered :

  • Proposal of alternate routes for the dual carriageway from Kigali Central roundabout to Gitikinyoni (km 5,2).
  • Proposal of alternate routes for road alignment adjustments in rural sections from km 5,2 to the end of the project.

Services Description

In the first phase, the existing layout and possible variants will be analyzed, aiming at defining a project speed, improving safety, reducing areas of major risk. Traffic, O/D and vehicles weights will be checked too. An economic analysis of different options and a summary study of the geotechnical and hydraulic situation will complete the first phase.

The subsequent phase will involve the definition of variants, the layout, topography, geotechnical and hydraulic study, cost estimate and profitability.

The final phase will envisage a definition of all interventions and the preparation of bidding documents.


The services to be provided are sub-divided into the following basic tasks:

Traffic data collection at RTDA; Topographic Survey; Consultation Process; Environmental Social and Strategic Assessments; Preliminary Engineering Assessment; Preliminary Economic Assessment ; Feasibility Study ; Site reconnaissance and Geotechnical investigation; Pavement Design; Hydraulic investigation and Drainage Study; Traffic data integration through direct surveys ; Preliminary Surveys; Estimation of Project Costs; Economic Data and Evaluation; Environmental Impact Assessment ; Final Engineering Report.