RN 27 and RN 4 National Roads

Technical studies for the realisation of a GENIS operation (management and maintenance for service level) on the national roads N° 27, section Komanda-Bunia-Goli (300 km) and N° 4, section Beni-Kasindi (100 km) and rehabilitation/reconstruction of eight (8) modular steel bridges with spans varying from 20 to 60 meters


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

Ministère des Infrastructures et Travaux Publics

Financing sources

Ressources Pro-Routes N° P101745


03/2015 - 01/2016

Project Description

The main objective of the initial rehabilitation works and maintenance works that will be carried out within this project is to guarantee a good service level during the execution of the whole contract.

It is five years that the roads involved in the study are subject to continuous rehabilitation and maintenance works carried out by equipes of the Office de Routes and sometimes by private enterprises. The situation of the 8 bridges is the following:

Road RN27, Komanda-Bunia – Bailey bridges : Holu 18,4m ; Ndoya 18,4m ; Talolo 15,25m ; Urwa 18,4m ; and 1 Algrain bridge Tinda I 25m.

Road RN27, Bunia-Mahagi-Goli : 2 Bailey bridges: Tchuru, 14 m; and Tse 15,25m.

Road RN4, Beni-Kasindi: 1 Bailey bridge 60 m.

Services Description

Part A : Detailed Engineering Design

Part B : Preparation of tender dossier and assistance to tender procedure.