Sangro Valley Highway

Sangro Valley Highway, Lots II, III (first, second and third section) and IV (40 Km)



Name of Client

Amministrazione Provinciale di Chieti

Financing sources

Cassa per il Mezzogiorno


11/1980 - 04/1988

Project Description

Final Design and Work Supervision. Road linking Adriatic and Tirrenian sea, crossing one of the most complex mountainous areas from the geological point of view, involving grounds characterized by unstable multicolored clays that required reinforcement works and complex reclaiming structures. The road section is characterized by numerous viaducts (approximately 8 km) and by numerous underground works.

The IV lot links the town of Castel di Sangro to the national road 17, near Cerro al Volturno. The national road 17 reaches, through the Venafro variant, the Highway “Del Sole”, near the S.Vittore junction. The lot develops mainly side hill on generally stable clayey grounds. The Volturno viaduct is the main structure on the lot, and crosses the Volturno river plain at a height of approximately 80 m. The interaxis among piles is 75 m. Foundation on large diameter piles. The prestressed concrete deck is composed by two cantilevers of 15 m in length and by a beam of 35 m. The lot includes various tunnels and artificial tunnels crossing the clayey complex. In some cases, reinforcement works and complex reclaiming structures were required.

Fondo Valle Sangro RoadWorks control, supervision and accounting

-          1st lot – 3rd part – 1st and 2nd section – Design n° 5246 between Ch 0 and 1218;

-          1st lot – 3rd part – Design n° 12/5246 between Ch 1218 and 5819.

-          4th lot.

1st lot – 3rd part – 1st and 2nd section, 4th lot: Design n° 5246

-          Viaducts: Bomba, Accorvo, Cefalone I, Molino I and II, Rinello I and II, Pietra, Pietraferrazzana, Buttafuoco, Pietra Rossa, Sanguinello – in prestressed reinforced concrete for a total of 2.269 lm; Volturno lm 710; Colle di Mezzo.

-          Tunnels: Cefalone and S. Pietro for 466 lm;

-          Artificial tunnels: Spagone 100m, Paglietta 70m, Ferrazzana 100m, and Vignale 150m.

1st lot – 3rd part: Design n° 12/5246

-          Paoletto viaduct of 452.00 lm;

-          Butino viaduct of 47.00 lm;

-          S. Croce viaduct of 26.00 lm;

-          Accorvo artificial tunnel of 48.00 lm;

-          S. Pietro tunnel n°1 of 747.95 lm;

-          S. Pietro tunnel n°2 of 618.53 lm;

-          S. Croce tunnel of 1.665.99 lm;

-         Castellana tunnel of 688.56 lm.


Services Description

Final design. Works control and supervision.