Afgoi-Goluen road

Rehabilitation of the Afgoi-Goluen road (117 Km), including the road link for Merka and Genale.



Name of Client

Somali Ministry of Public Works

Financing sources

European Development Fund - Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


10/1985 - 09/1990

Project Description

The scope of the project was the rehabilitation of a road crossing a rural area in increasing expansion and with good future prospectives, particularly linking the Mogadishu Port. The design included a Feasibility Study about the intervention, the traffic analysis and the socio-economic study of the area crossed by the main road, the Final Design, the drawing up of the Tender Dossier and Documents, the Assistance to Bid evaluation for the realization of a 2-layer asphalted road 10,50 m wide (carriageway of 7,50 m and 2 benches of 1,50 m each). The design of a total length of about 100 km included two junctions for Merka and Genale. A particular attention was drawn to the geotechnical aspects, taking into account the fact that foundation grounds are composed of spreading soils and the difficulty in finding suitable materials for the construction of the road superstructure. The current one is made of lime-stabilized clay. For the new superstructure  as well as for the bituminous conglomerate have been used coral caves located along the coast between Mogadishu and Merka. Topographical surveys, geological-technical study, final design, and preparation of Technical Tender Dossier and Documents have been carried out. The design included Assistance during Tender execution and Work Supervision. The technical-economic feasibility study and final design have been financed by the European Commission. Construction works, work control and technical assistance have been financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The construction works were assigned by the Salini company.

Services Description

Preliminary and Final Design, Work Supervision, Technical Assistance.