Bonefro-Casacalenda-Fondo Valle Biferno road

Road linking the railway station of Bonefro, Casacalenda and the Fondo Valle Biferno road, Provincial Administration of Campobasso



Name of Client

Amministrazione Provinciale di Campobasso

Financing sources

Cassa per il Mezzogiorno-Roma


ing.Zaccardi,ing.Guerra,dr.Scasserra (members)


01/1989 - 01/1993

Project Description

Preliminary and Final Design of a crossing road linking the Fondo Valle Biferno road and crossing the Appennine chain involving multi-color clays extremely unstable grounds that required particular reclaiming and reinforcement works. The project included a geological-technical study, with surveys and laboratory tests on site. Six prestressed reinforced concrete viaducts were designed, with foundations on large-diameter piles: Biferno (423 m.), Rio (71 m.), Cupa (290 m.), I Colli (242 m.), Cerrachieta (242 m.), Bonefro (300 m.).

Services Description

Preliminary and final design.