Diema-Nioro road

Control and supervision of construction works of the Diema-Nioro road (96.5 km), including urban roads of Nioro (7100 m)



Name of Client

Ministère de l’Equipement et des Transports

Financing sources



10/2004 - 06/2007

Project Description

The Diema-Nioro road represents the last section with a length of 96.5 km of the road corridor linking Bamako (Mali) and Nouakchott (Mauritania).

This project is part of the new projects that fall within the PIN. It is an essential continuity with adjacent sections upstream and downstream that have already been developed or are in the process of being rehabilitated to the proposed standard, thus achieving a desirable route homogeneity across the regional axis Bamako – Nouakchott.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the emergency at a national level to have a well-developed primary road network, which translates into a reduction in transport costs, at the same time secures the delivery of food products and help food, and generally reduces the isolation of the country in its dual dimension inside and outside. The primary objective for the Region of Kayes is the realization of the last stretch of road linking Bamako to Nouakchott.

Services Description

Control and supervision of construction works of 96 km of asphalted road.

The control mission has been carried out by a road engineer team leader, a geotechnician, one geotechnical team and one topographical team.

The works have been regularly carried out in compliance with contractual terms and according to contract amount.

Homologue training.