Foret des Pins – Thiotte – Anse à Pitres road

Design of the Foret des Pins - Thiotte - Anse à Pitres road (59.5 km)



Name of Client

Ministère des Travaux Publics, Transports et Communications

Financing sources



06/2008 - 02/2009

Project Description

The region crossed by the road n. 41 Thiotte-Anse à Pitre is currently in a situation of closure due to road network decay, contributing to poverty in involved areas.  The population of this region, 100 000 inhabitants, lives in difficulty due to this closure impeding them displacements and exchanges with the rest of the country and the Dominican Republic to the south. The road crosses rural areas of great environmental value.

The project proposes to support the unlocking politics of the country in order to sustain the economic development of the region and reduce poverty.

The axis Thiotte-Anse à Pitre represents an important road for the country: its layout follows a ridge line before going towards the valley with very steep slopes.

Global aim: Contribute to the rehabilitation of the road and to social and economic development of the country, reduce poverty through human and economic unlocking of the country, and facilitate external trade to region and country.

Specific aim: Improve road characteristics to guarantee the exploitation for the whole year and define a maintenance strategy for road conservation.

Envisaged results: Improvement of the link Foret des Pins – Thiotte – Anse à Pitre; realization of actions supporting a better insertion of the project in the social environment.

Services Description

Preliminary design, geotechnical study, hydrologic and hydraulic study, economic study,
traffic study, environmental impact assessment study, final design and preparation of tender documents, Administration personnel training.