Great East road (T4) – Lot 2 : Sinda-Katete-Mtengulen

Supervision of civil works for the rehabilitation of the Great East Road (T4) – Lot 2:



Name of Client

National Authorising Officer of the EDF, Ministry of Finance

Financing sources



LOTTI Ingegneria SpA (Italy) (Leader)


08/2013 - 11/2017

Project Description

The Great East Road originates in Lusaka from the roundabout of the junction with the Great North Road along Cairo Road and ends at the Mwani border post for a total length of 592.29 km. It crosses the Luangwa river with a cable-stayed bridge completed in 1968 for replacing the old bridge destroyed few years before due to political controversies with the Mozambique.

The section that will be rehabilitated in the two above mentioned packages goes from the eastern end of the Luangwa Bridge, at chainage 232+688, to the town of Mwani, border post with Malawi at chainage 592+289. The total length is 359.60 km.

Lot 2: from the city of Sinda through the city of Katete to the town of Mtenguleni for a length of 95.50 km.

Services Description

Supervision of civil works for rehabilitation of Lot 2 of the Great East Road (T4).