Ntendezi-Mashyuza-Bugarama road

Final design and preparation of tender documents for construction and asphalting works of the Ntendezi-Mashyuza-Bugarama road (37 km)



Name of Client

Ministère des Infrastructures - National Tender Board

Financing sources

Ordinary budget of the Government of Rwanda


02/2008 - 11/2008

Project Description

The project sustains the integration policy of countries aiming at sustaining the economic development of the country and poverty reduction.

The Ntendezi-Mashyuza-Bugarama axis represents a fundamental road in the central corridor : Tanzania-Rwanda-Democratic Republic of Congo, crossed by a considerable part of external trade of the region. Moreover, it guarantees the viability of the Mashyuza cementworks towards all regions of the country.

Global aim : Contribute to social and economic development of the country and to poverty reduction, through human and economic integration of south western region and facilitate external trade of the region and of the country.

Specific aim: Update the final design of rehabilitation works and realize the asphalting works of the Ntendezi-Mashyuza-Bugarama road.

Envisaged results : Improvement of the Ntendezi- Bugarama link and of the access to the Mashyuza cementworks; support the insertion of the project in the social environment.

Services Description

Update of detailed engineering design for the rehabilitation and realization of the asphalt paving of the Ntendezi-Mashyuza-Bugarama road, the Economic study the Environmental impact and the Social assessment study; Preparation of tender documents for works; Bill of quantities.