Soanierana-Ranomafana road

Detailed engineering design for the rehabilitation of the national road n° 118 linking Soanierana – Ranomafana in the Taolagnaro region (67,328 km)



Name of Client

Agence d’Exécution des Travaux d’Intérêt Public (AGETIPA)

Financing sources



07/2006 - 05/2007

Project Description

The earth road between Soanierana and Ranomafana represents the link between Taolagnaro and the Ranomafana valley, located in an area rich from the agricultural point of view (rise, fruits, etc.). The beginning of the project is at the junction of Soanierana on the RN13 (Ch 0) and the end of it is at the exit of Ranomafana,
at the junction for Manantenina (ending Ch.) for a total length of 67+328,30 km. The road crosses the hill of Manangotry, a morphologic barrier with slope higher of 15%. This area is very sensible from an environmental point of view, in fact it is part of the
Andohaelo national park. The road is 3,00-3,50 m wide with sections characterized by strong slopes and hydraulic problems linked to the lack or insufficiency of drainage works. The scope of the project is to guarantee the use of the road the all year through.

Services Description

Preliminary design (APS): Geotechnical study, traffic analysis, layout analysis, hydraulic study, environmental impact study, economic and financial analysis.

Detailed engineering design (APD): Hydraulic study, topographic study, geotechnical study, laboratory tests, structures: plans and bill of quantities, technical reports, drawing out of tender documents.