Secondary and Local Roads Project

Secondary and Local Roads Project - Detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents and environmental and social assessments



Name of Client

Albanian Development Fund

Financing sources

Western Balkan Investment Framework (WBIF), European Investment Bank (EIB)


SPHAERA sh.p.k., Albania (member)


03/2011 - 03/2013

Project Description

This project covers approximately 600 km of roads. The main goal is to ensure access to rural communities and upgrade existing secondary roads to national class III standard (7 m). All roads are designed with crushed stone base (15 cm) and asphalt concrete wearing course (5 cm). Slopes stability treatment and new culverts/bridges construction of new bridges is also part of the assignment.

The works will include the following, as required, largely on existing alignments:

  • Sub-base, base and bituminous pavement;
  • Raising of the carriageway above flood level in areas subject to frequent flooding;
  • Widening and paving of shoulders;
  • Widening of existing formation width by cutting on hill side and retaining walls on valley side;
  • Widening and stabilizing of embankments;
  • Improvements to geometrics and improvements to or replacement of cross drainage structures;
  • Repair, replacement and/or construction of minor/major bridges;
  • Construction of bypasses as per requirements and where feasible;
  • Traffic safety features including traffic control during construction;
  • Road signs and markings;
  • Environmental protection measures;
  • Slope stability and bio-engineering measures; and
  • Ground stabilization/improvements measures.

Services Description

Site investigation and data elaboration; Preparation of Detailed Project Engineering Design; Environment and social impact assessment study, Bid Documents preparation.