Segou-Bla-Koutiala-Faramana-Frontiera Burkina and Ouan-Sévaré roads

Technical studies for the Segou-Bla-Koutiala-Faramana-Burkina border (276 km) and Ouan-Sevare (106 km) road refection



Name of Client

Ministère des Travaux Publics et des Transports

Financing sources

EDF (European Development Fund)


02/1993 - 01/1994

Project Description

Final Design for rehabilitation, widening and bituminization of existing roads. Topographical survey, geological-technical study, preparation of Tender Dossier and Documents. Work Supervision and Direction.

Periodical Maintenance Works of asphalted roads Segou-Bla-Koutiala-Faramana-Burkina Faso border (276 km) and Ouan-Sevare (106 km).

Segou-Mali border section: base and foundation layer in natural laterite. Covering in 2 or 3 layer surface treatment, by using laterite and dolerite stones. Rehabilitation of the bridge over the Bani river (L=300 m): bearings substitution, joint remake, impermeabilization.

Ouan-Sevare section: Change of the road level on 18,00 km and introduction of new drainage structures. Strengthening of the existing covering support by 1 layer surface and double laterite stone treatment.

Services Description

Final design and preparation of Tender documents.