Sora-Frosinone expressway

Final design and realization of all works and necessary supply for the realization of completion works of the Sora-Frosinone expressway, 5° lot, 2° section



Name of Client

ASTRAL SpA – Regione Lazio

Financing sources

ASTRAL SpA – Regione Lazio


11/2006 - 09/2010

Project Description

The project includes 6 km of two-lane highway, with 5 viaducts and 4 elevated crossings. Total length of the La Sala viaduct L = 450 m and  Casilina  viaduct  L = 150 m. Viaducts are made in prestressed concrete with a span of 40,00 m and 35,00 m. Bridge  foundations are on piers Φ 1200 and minipiles on seismic isolators.

Platform width 22 m. Two lane highway of 3,75 per each lane, plus an emergency lane of 1,75, and central crash barrier of 2,50 m.

The project is completed by other minor works (culverts, retaining walls and noise barriers).

Services Description

Preliminary and final design, traffic study, topographic study, geotechnical study, hydraulic study, seismic area design calculations. Preparation of tender documents. Construction assistance. Road and structure Maintenance plan. Safety Plan and Maintenance Handbook.