Trans-Gambia Corridor Project

Trans-Gambia Corridor Project: Construction of the Trans-Gambia bridge and Cross Border improvement. Consultancy services for the supervision of pavement strengthening of the Trans-Gambia highway (24km)



Name of Client

National Roads Authority

Financing sources



TSC Engineering and Construction Consultants Inc. (Liberia)


01/2021 - 07/2023

Project Description

The project road under this assignment is located in the Central part of The Gambia. It is a part of Trans-Gambia corridor connecting The Gambia and Senegal. Main aim of this study is to rehabilitate the road between Misera & Keur Ali having approximate length of 24 km, to serve existing as well as the projected traffic demand after completion of construction of bridge over Gambia river.
Start Point-Misera (southern side of Gambia river, near southern border with Senegal)
End Point-Keur Ali (northern side of Gambia river, near northern border with Senegal).

Addendum n° 1 – The Addendum n° 1 envisages the pavement re-design after a set of pavement investigations including visual survey and Benkelman Beam test.

Road project geometry:
- Total road length: 24 km
- Width of the road in open countryside: 10 m
- Width of the road in built-up areas: 10 m
Road quantities:
- Earthworks (fill/cut): 200.000 m3
- Cement Treated Base layer: 57.400 m3
- Wearing course BB: 9.500 m3
- Box culverts: no. 04
- Pipe culverts: no. 19

Services Description

Monthly Progress Report: Summary of contract details; Summary progress of the works; Mention of changes in original design; Major changes of quantities; Record of working units; Suggestions of resolution of any technical problems; Financial status of work and Consultant contracts; Progress chart; Weather information; Construction and supervision data; Record of photographs; Minutes of monthly site meetings
Quarterly Progress Report: Record of progress; Update of estimated completion time; Project cost estimate; Contractor's claims
Substantial Completion Report: Difficulties encountered during construction and measures adopted to overcome them; Changes in design; Modification to specifications and conditions of contract; Variations orders and claims; Resume of payment to contractors and for supervision
Final Assignment Completion Report: Defects list; Final inspection of completed works; Final deficiency list; Final payment certificate; Resume of all activities carried out; As Built Drawings; Conclusions and Recommendations