South-East variant to Cavallermaggiore town

Design of the new road linking road n°20 to road n°48 and bypassing the Cavallermaggiore town (1,6 km)



Name of Client

ARES Piemonte

Financing sources

ARES Piemonte


03/2006 - 10/2012

Project Description

The design involves the connection between the regional road SR 20 and road SP 48, avoiding the crossing of the town of Cavallermaggiore. The connection with the existing road viability is made through roundabouts. One of the solutions envisaged the crossing of the river Mellea by a viaduct with a total length of approximately 160 m.

Pavement layer: Crushed stone subbase 30cm; bituminous base course 15cm; Binder course 7cm; wearing course 5cm.

The design has been completed with a prefeasibility environmental study.

Services Description

Preliminary design, security plan, coordination and integration of specialistic tasks,
environmental prefeasibility study.