Zinder-Mai Bagari road (40 km)

Supervision and control of rehabilitation works of the Zinder-Tanout road, Lot 1 : Zinder-Mai Bagari (40 km)



Name of Client

Ministère des Finances, Ordonnateur National du FED

Financing sources



Art & Genie, Niger (membre)


03/2019 - 08/2021

Project Description

The project concerns the rehabilitation of the road between the exit of Zinder and Tanout for a total of 138 km.

The road section of RN11 relating to Lot n°1 starts at Ch. 6+700, since Ch. 0+000 has been fixed at the crossing of RN 1 Niamey – Diffa- Nguigmi in the city center. RN11 goes then towards the Nigeria border. To the north, it connects Zinder to Tanout, Agadez and the Algerian border. The end of this lot is located before the village of Mai Bagari, 1 km after the spur of SORAZ refinery.

The specific objective of the project is the rehabilitation of the road, to contribute to improve the economic, social and security conditions of the populations of Northern Niger. It is also a question of ensuring that the works are executed according to the technical specifications of the contract of works, according to the rules of the art, within the time and budget envisaged.

The construction of the RN11 road goes back to the year 1987. Its geometrical characteristics are 2 paved roads of 3.00 m coated in double surface treatment and 2 shoulders of 1 m on both sides in single surface treatment for a total width of 8 m of platform.

The pavement consists in a 15 cm thick subgrade surmounted by a base course 15 cm thick, full width. The coating, very degraded, is almost non-existent on long parts of the road.

Because of the very heavy tank traffic between Soraz and Zinder, the road is severely degraded in the section between Zinder and Mai Bagari. Although this road has been subject to punctual interventions for potholes and resurfacing, over long sections, the current traffic leaves the damaged pavement to position on shoulders and on parts where the coating has completely gone. Project traffic, 2.2 million equivalent tests of 13 tons (TMJA of PL on project track estimated at more than 180 in 2021 at the opening of the road), required the implementation of a layer of cement treated base and 5 cm of bituminous concrete.


Road project geometry:

  • Total road length: 40 km
  • Carriageway width: 2 m
  • Shoulders width: 5 m

Road quantities:

  • Earthworks (fill/cut): 60 000m3
  • Sub-base and shoulders: 200 000 m3
  • Base course in concrete stabilized laterite: 60 000 m3
  • Wearing course (type, thickness): asphalt concrete of 5 cm
  • Asphalt concrete: 15 000 m3


  • Culverts (box/pipe): 16 new structures for a total of 200m

31 structures to be extended for a total of 80 m

Services Description

Control and supervision of works. Monthly reports ; Intermediate activities reports at 6 months ; Final activity report ; Works provisional reception ; Provisional final report ; Works final reception ; Closing final report ; Special reports