The Company is equipped to cover all design development phases.

The company has at its disposal a well-equipped computer center, a geotechnical laboratory and highly skilled experts with long-lasting experience in various sectors, acquired in more than forty years of activities developed in Italy, Africa and South America.

AIC Progetti SpA operates according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Quality System.


Roads, highways, urban roads, railways.

The transport sector is the field where AIC Progetti mainly developed its activities in its 50-years history.

It carried out more than 2000 projects for more than 50.000 km of roads in more than 30 countries.
In this specific field AIC Progetti is able to cover all intervention phases: starting from aerophotogrammetric and bathymetric surveys, to direct topography, geological and geotechnical study, geognostic and laboratory testing, hydraulics and structural analysis, to technical-economic feasibility, and ending to technical assistance during works execution.


Regulation of watercourses, slope arrangements and flood protection.
Water sterilization and treatment of urban and industrial sludge.
Irrigation, water use and rural sanitation.
Urban and rural aqueducts.
Sewerage and drainage networks.
Dams, surface water control, reservoirs.


In this specific field AIC Progetti has completed an appropriate methodology to carry out an integrated environmental and territorial assessment of projects.


The company has carried out renovations of civil buildings and urban infrastructures and technological systems, mainly in Italy, dealing with preliminary and final, structural, architectural and plant designs; static calculations, foundations surveys and studies, anti-seismic techniques; preparation of tender documents, control and supervision of works.