South-eastern ring-road of the Jeunesse boulevard in Ouagadougou

Technical-economic study, detailed study, road safety study, environmental and social study of the reinforcement works of the south-eastern ring-road of the Jeunesse boulevard in Ouagadougou (approximately 8 km) with the elaboration of displacement plan


Burkina Faso

Name of Client

Ministère Des Infrastructures et du Désenclavement. Direction General des Routes

Financing sources



Associated Engineers Srl, Roma (Subconsultancy)


08/2007 - 12/2007

Project Description

The south eastern section of the Boulevard de la Jeunesse is an obliged passage for vehicles leaving for and coming from ganeans and Togolese harbours. Moreover, it is subject to urban circulation since it is the main communication mean towards the vast outskirts of the town of Ouagadougou. The specific aim of this project is the rehabilitation and resettlement of the boulevard in order to face the increase in traffic volume by strengthen the fluidity, assuring the best road and environmental security measures. Moreover, it aims at increasing mobility for all users and reducing transport costs. The road is currently composed by two lanes of 6/7 m each, with a double layer lining and separated by an embankment of 2m. The paving presents various wearing sings: crackings, sags, bucklings, etc.

The resettlement includes:

  • An increase in the width of the road up to 28.9 m,
  • Strengthening of the pavement currently covered with a double layer ;
  • Realization of cycle paths on the right and on the left of approximately 3 m of width;
  • Realization of 1,5m-wide sidewalks;
  • Demolition of existing side ditches and realization of new concrete ones along the layout;
  • Resettlement of crossings (turn-arounds, traffic lights, etc.) and setting up of urban headlights and road security facilities;
  • Realization of parking areas and facilitated access to inhabitants (SIAO, markets, etc.);
  • Realization of environmental mitigation measures.

Services Description

Preliminary Design: Road lay-out study, Geotechnical study, Hydraulic study, Economic study, Environmental and social study, Road safety study.

Final Design: Road lay-out study, Geotechnical study, Hydraulic study,

Elaboration of tender documents, displacement and land plan