Town of Santa Ana de Yacuma

Final Design of drinking water supply and urban sewerage of the town of Santa Ana de Yacuma



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05/1992 - 05/1995

Project Description

The drinking water supply and drainage system of Santa Ana de Yacuma were designed as a part of the Technical Assistance Services for the control and supervision of the implementation works in completion of protection water works against floods at Trinidad and Santa Ana de Yacuma.
The studies have been carried out according to a population of 27 500 inhabitants by 2015 and concerned the following points: population growth and socio-economical study; hydrogeological study; weather study; technical feasibility study; Final Designs of both selected alternatives; preparation of the Bid documentation.
The population growth and socio-economical study aimed at identifying the different kinds of urban residences and the distribution of inhabitants per zone; this last element being essential to determine the drinkable water requirements, the waste liquids total flow and therefore a correct dimensioning of the plants.
The hydrogeological study consisted of a detailed analysis of the surface waters, a geoelectrical field investigation and the boring of 2 deep wells with the measure of the electrical potential resistivity and the flow. These ones were included in the production scheme of the final design.
The weather study was led for the drawing up of a water balance (surface waters and ground waters waters).
The drinking water supply system includes 5 deep wells, 1 half-buried water tank of 1 560-m³ capacity (with aeration and sterilization plant), 1 pumping station to fill the 3 existing superelevated water tanks, 22.2 km of piping (adduction and distribution).
The drainage system includes 51.5 km of sewers, 1.1-km main pipeline, 1 pumping station, waste water treatment by means of 4 facultative anaerobic lagoons and 8 aerobic ones.
Preparation of Bid documentation.

Services Description

Technical assistance and final design. Weather, socio-economical, hydrogeological study, geophysical campaign and two wells boring; final design of the aqueduct schemes and the sewerages and the preparation of the bid documents.