Kousseri road network and drainage structures

Works supervision and control concerning the Systematization Design of Kousséri. Ultimate design of the protection banks against floods of the Logone stream



Name of Client

Ministère de l’Urbanisme et de l’Habitat - Yaoundé – Cameroun

Financing sources



01/1997 - 06/1999

Project Description

Design, technical assistance, control and supervision of works relative to the Kousséri development. Internal viability and protection against floods of the Logone river.
Main activities have included:
- Assistance to the Town Authorities for the basic design revision and Tender documents preparation concerning structures construction;
- Study of economical and technical alternatives concerning the availability as well as features of existing materials;
- Hydraulic and stream morphology checking of the Logone stream section along the left bank, in Kousséri;
- Material technical features study on site and works control;
- Training of national personnel for the control and supervision of construction works.
The particular technical and economic conditions of the Project have led to the study and use of advanced techniques. For instance, the left bank of River Logone on which Kousséri is built is menaced by an irreversible erosive phenomenon due to the combined action of surface water and interstice water (the difference in water heights from one season to the other is 6 m). A solution was planned to consolidate the embankment by an iron wire-mesh maintaining semi-plastic reinforcing materials and to protect the foot of embankment during low waters by means of gabions limiting the flow.
For the analysis of soils and the control of construction materials, a soil laboratory was created. It was run by national laboratory assistants.
In the context of the same program, the system of collect and discharge of the city rain waters, when the river is in high waters, has been studied.
There were also other activities: the basic design review, the assistance to the analysis of the works company offers as well as the supervision of construction works of the paved road connecting the one coming from Mora and the bridge over the Logone river (border Chad), across the built up area of Kousséri and of the urban center belt dyke against floods.

Services Description

Final Design, Technical Assistance Services, Control and Supervision of the construction works of a bund protecting the town against flooding and a rain water drainage.