Route RN35 et route de Sambéra

Detailed Engineering Design and Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA) for the rehabilitation works of Output and Performance based works (OPRC) of the RN35 and Rehabilitation and Maintenance Works of the Sambera road with option for the supervision of rehabilitation and maintenance works of the two axes



Name of Client

Millennium Challenge Account Niger (MCA-Niger)

Financing sources



06/2018 - 02/2020

Project Description

This contract concerns the rehabilitation of the National Road N ° 35, between Gaya and Margou and the Rural Road of Sambera. Margou is a locality about 80 km from Niamey on the RN1 Eastbound, while Gaya is about 183 km at the end of the RN35 South-Southeast towards the border with Benin. The Sambera Rural Road 35 km, is the link between the RN35 and the RN7 Gaya-Dosso.


The development of the RN35 concerns its rehabilitation at a level of modern earth road, with a platform of 10 meters of width including 7 meters of wearing course and two shoulders of 1.5 meters, while the road of Sambéra will be rehabilitated as a 6-meter rural track with a wearing course of 5 meters. The contract is articulated in two periods, namely, the Base period and the Option period. The Base period includes three tasks: Task 1: Engineering and Detailed Design Studies, Task 2: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Task 3: Preparation of the Tender documents. The Option period concerns the Control of the works to be executed according to the OPRC approach for the RN35 and the community approach for the RRS.


The study also provides for an assessment of road safety on all studied axes. This task includes the analysis of the existing situation with the location of black spots, an analysis of road accident data and the implementation of measures to improve safety. Specific surveys were carried out with users and with local authorities.

Services Description

Start of activities: Collection of existing data; Development of the mobilization plan of the team of experts; On-Site Activities Program - Basic Standards of Studies

Detailed Engineering Design: Studies and topographic works; Hydrological / hydraulic studies; Geotechnical studies and investigations; Traffic study; Safety and road signs; Design standards for rehabilitation works; Detailed design of the maintenance of the RN35 and the rural track of Sambera.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA): ESIA Framework; Organization of public consultations; Identification and assessment of environmental, social and gender risks and impacts; Development of the Environmental and Social Management Plan - PGES; Support / advice to BEEEI for public workshops and for ESIA Preliminary Report Evaluation Workshop.

Preparation of Tender documents: Development of tender documents; Assistance with procurement procedure.

Option period : Works supervision and control.