Road M1 – Mzimba turnoff-Mzuzu-Kacheche

Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Designs for the Mzimba Turnoff-Mzuzu-Kacheche Section of the M1 Road



Name of Client

The Roads Authority

Financing sources



RUO Consultants (Malawi)


07/2016 - 09/2017

Project Description

The Roads Authority intends to upgrade this road to have standardized lane and shoulder widths consistent with those provided throughout the North South corridor. The road is to be widened to desirable width of 11m comprising a surfaced carriageway width of 7m and 2 m sealed shoulders on both sides.

Currently the existing road is a paved road, presenting four uniform sections with respect to construction and maintenance history as follows:

  1. a) Mzimba turn off to Champhoyo section was constructed in 1983 and resealed in 2005.
  2. b) Champhoyo to Mbowe section was constructed in 1990 and resealed in 2005.
  3. c) Mbowe to Mzuzu section was constructed in 1982 and resealed in 2005.
  4. d) Mzuzu to Kacheche section was constructed in 1982 and resealed in 1998.


The road has a 5.6-7.0-metre-wide carriageway with 0.4-1.5 metre shoulders depending on location.

The road traverses through a relatively flat to undulating terrain from Mzimba turn off to Kacheche.  Currently the road is in fair to poor condition.

Services Description

Feasibility Study and Detailed engineering design.