Drinkable water and sewage system in the town of Santa Cruz

Technical assistance, supervision and control of rehabilitation works of drinkable water and sewage system of the town of Santa Cruz, Villa 1ero de Mayo (125.000 inhabitants)



Name of Client

European Commission

Financing sources



RPA – Perugia (Italy) (member)


09/2001 - 12/2006

Project Description

The main scope of the program is:
1. Extension of the drinkable water supply service and of the sewage water collect, considering current needs and the demand envisaged for the future.
2. Strengthening of structures proposed for network management in the involved area and creation of a fee and tax collection system guaranteeing the economic-financial sustainability of the intervention.
3. Strengthening of planning and management capacity in hydraulic and urban planning fields (drinkable water and sewage system).
4. Contribution at environmental deterioration fight, through a valid management of water reclamation.

Services Description

- Supervision and coordination of feasibility study and final design devised by BCEOM (France);
- Preparation of technical specifications;
- Bid and work contracts management;
- Elaboration of final designs;
- Works supervision;
- Construction and organization of the management center;
- Staff training for managing the two services.