Kivu program – drinkable water subprogram

Kivu program – drinkable water subprogram – Technical assistance n°AC/03/DPFBI/89


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

REGIDESO (Régie de Distribution d’Eau de la République du Zaire)

Financing sources



03/1990 - 11/1991

Project Description

Drinking water supply for 7 points in the Kivu region (Fizi, Baraka, Kanyabayonga, Bulotwa, Kiniondo, Kayna e Kirumba). Three towns for a total of 150.000 inhabitants.
The Technical assistance included:
- Technical assistance and work control for drinkable water supply of the town of Butembo (125.000) including:
surface water catching by means of drainage lines;
adduction by cast iron pipelines ø 200 ÷ 400 km 13,5;
complete treatment 92 l/s;
4 half-buried tanks of 700 m³;
distribution by means of PVC and PEAD pipelines (66,5 km).
The technical assistance was carried out by an hydraulic engineer resident in Butembo and by teams of other experts with aim of testing and checking the good execution of placing works by the national company Trafor of REGIDESO (Régie de Distribution d’eau du Zaire).
- Feasibility study and final design for drinkable water supply of 7 villages: Fizi and Baraka in the southern part of Kivu; Kanyabayonga, Bulotwa, Kiniondo, Kayna and Kirumba in the northern part of Kivu.
The study has been carried out by other local experts and engineers within the assistance. The main structures were:
4 catching structures (1 for deep well and 3 surface structures);
1 treatment plant;
10 stocking tanks;
117,2 km of water ducts for adduction and distribution;
2 hydroelectric plants.
Work value for Butembo (prices dated 1988): 4.800.000 EURO, of which 2.5 millions financed by the Italian Cooperation for supplies and 2.3 for works financed by the European Commission.
The program started in April 1990 and was interrupted in January 1991 (due to the disorders in the country).

Services Description

Feasibility study, final and construction design, drawing up of Tender Dossier and Work Supervision