Ouagadougou – Bobo – Dioulasso motorway

Technical-economic feasibility study and environmental impact study for construction and asphalting works of the Ouagadougou – Bobo - Dioulasso motorway


Burkina Faso

Name of Client

Ministère des Infrastructures et du Désenclavement (MID)

Financing sources

Budget de l’Etat, gestion 2012


Associated Consulting Engineers Sarl, Burkina Faso (member)


01/2013 - 09/2014

Project Description

The Ouagadougou-Bobo Dioulasso RN 1 road represents one of the main road axis of Burkina Faso. Within economic exchanges, RN1 is the main arterial lane both at a national and international level. In fact, it plays a fundamental role in exchanges among interland countries (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger) and coastal countries with Abidjan port. The RN 1 is particularly important for interregional relationships and its function is essential for the economic development of Burkina Faso.

Five (5) service corridors (4 land corridors and one railway corridor) are present in the country, linking sea ports of neighbouring coastal countries (Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana and Benin). These corridors serve both Burkina and other countries such as Mali and Niger, making Burkina Faso a transit country.

The transport sector, in particular land transports, plays a fundamental road in national and regional economy. In fact, it sustains the development of four traffic lanes:

  • Internal trade exchanges,
  • Overseas trade exchanges,
  • Trade exchanges with neighbouring countries,
  • Transit traffic and regional traffic among neighbouring countries.

In fact, a valid transport system not only supports production sectors, decreasing product costs, but also guarantees the development of basic social sectors (health, education, drinkable water, food security), thus allowing their accessibility by the population.

The new proposal of a design for the Ouagadougou – Ivory Coast border highway is to be included in this situation, that will complete the motorway already under construction in Ivory Coast linking Ouagadougou to the port of Abidjan.

This project, falling within the realization of the Regional Economic Program (PER), is consistent with the integration and strengthening politics of the cooperation amongst African Countries supported by regional communities, such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAMEU).

Services Description

Conceptual design ; Preliminary design (geotechnical study ; topographic, geological and hydrological study and land registry
study; hydraulic and hydrological study; laboratory tests on materials and
soils; analysis of different layouts, carriageway structures including
horizontal top views and profiles of different proposed layouts); technical
economic feasibility study; traffic study; juridical and financial study for
motorway concession.