Canal in Kinsuka

Design for the water adduction canal on the Congo river in Kinsuka


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

Delegation of the European Commission

Financing sources



06/2005 - 10/2005

Project Description

The general objective of the project is the improvement of health condition of west Kinshasa inhabitants and of their living conditions, while the specific objectives are:
- to improve quantity and quality of raw water for the treatment plan in Lukunga ;
- to guarantee a sufficient and permanent flow to the intake system of Kinsuka ;
- to safeguard, for future rehabilitation, the existing structure and reduce costs according to a new intake structure;
- to eliminate as much as possible degradation problems due to raw water coming from the homonym stream for the treatment plan of Lukunga. Degradation due to urbanization of the area upstream of the intake structure. To guarantee a better quality of treated water ;
- to realize a strong structure needing a minimal maintenance work and that can be used in the future for a new intake structure.

Services Description

Final design for rehabilitation of the raw water intake of the Kinsuka pumping station in the Congo river. Geotechnical study of the river bed, hydraulic study of seasonal river levels, topographic surveys, detailed designs, preparation of tender documents (technical and administrative prescriptions).