Towns of Butembo, Manono and Tshilenge

Feasibility study and Final design for 3 aqueducts in the Republic of Zaire, in Butembo (124.740 inhabitants) - Manono (64.420 inhabitants) – Tshilenge (55.540 inhabitants)


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

REGIDESO (Régie pour la Distribution de l’eau potable)

Financing sources

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGAE - Italy Technical Cooperation)


01/1985 - 05/1987

Project Description

Drinking water supply and distribution for the towns of Butembo, Manono and Tshilenge. The project included the search for water sources, the different possibilities of water catching, adduction pipelines and drainage, Tender Dossier and preparation of final and construction design.
- Socio-economic study
- Hydrogeological study
- Geophysical study
- Drilling of 7 deep wells, 3 in Manono and 4 in Tshilenge for the study of deep aquifers
- Technical-economic and financial feasibility study;
- Price scale study
- Final design:
. 2 surface water retention works (Butembo and Manono), 2 deep wells in Tshilenge;
. 2 treatment plants with clarifying coagulation tanks, decanters and gravity filters (Butembo and Manono);
. 2 pumping stations (Manono and Tshilenge);
. 5 half-buried tanks (4 in Butembo, 4700 m³ and 1 in Manono, 1600 m³);
. 4 high level tanks (2 in Manono, 1500 m³ and 2 in Tshilenge, 2400 m³) ;
. 200 km of PVC and PEHD pipelines: 63 km in Butembo, 87 km in Manono and 50 km in Tshilenge.

Services Description

Preliminary, Feasibility and Final Design; drawing up of Tender Dossier; Works Supervision