Town of Kinshasa

Emergency plan for urban and social rehabilitation (PURUS) of the town of


Dem. Rep. of Congo

Name of Client

Unité de Coordination des Projets (UCOP)

Financing sources



10/2007 - 04/2008

Project Description

During December 2005, in the context of the «Programme d’Appui à la Réhabilitation – CE/PAR II »  funded by the European Commission, AIC PROGETTI elaborated the final designs for the reparation of roads and drainage works of the road network in Kinshasa.

The project envisages the update of the design in order to obtain updated dossier adapted to the new technical specifications for what concerns the cross section, the road structure, the validation of drainage works and the erosion control.

The project includes the following roads:


Road Involved district Length in km
Avenue du Militant Barumbu 3.7
Avenue Komoriko Bangala Kitambo 2.0
Avenue Lukengo Kitambo 1.0
Avenue OUA  Kitambo 1.7


Services Description

On the basis of the initial study, the Consultant will proceed to: (i) the validation of the road structure involved; (ii) the update of the Final Design taking in due consideration the current evolution of deteriorations and the possibility of installing the cross section, and (iii) the preparation of an international tender dossier in a single lot, on the basis of the model proposed by the World Bank.