Towns of La Paz, Trinidad, Santa Ana and Villa Montes

Technical assistance for the protection against floods of the towns of La Paz, Trinidad, Santa Ana and Villa Montes and feasibility study and final design for drinkable water supply and used water catchment and drainage for the town of Santa Ana. Rehabilitation of waterworks adduction system of Potosi



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05/1991 - 05/1998

Project Description

The main activities included:
Technical Assistance to the local Administration for existing design review and updating, complementary studies and design review and update for structures of protection against floods of Trinidad and Santa Ana; supply and work tender preparation; supply and work offer evaluation and contract drawing up; structure construction control and equipment supply; work schedule control and evaluation; material quality and use methodologies control; work progress evaluation including structure tests and work plan definition.
Studies and design for the realization of a modern and functional system for water distribution and used water catchment and drainage in the town of Santa Ana, that involved the implementation of an hydrogeological and geoelectrical study; supervision of two deep wells drilling for deep water catchment; technical-economic analysis of schemes; elaboration of detailed drawings of two systems including the following structures: Drinkable water (catchment: 5 deep wells; adduction: 4,8 km of lines; treatment: 1560 m³; stocking: 1560 m³; adduction and distribution network). Sewerage (trunk line: 51,5 km; pumping station; oxidation basin: 12 basins for a total of 7 hectares); Tender documents elaboration.

Services Description

Works supervision and final design.