Towns of Trinidad and Santa Ana

Technical assistance and final design for the protection against floods of the towns of Trinidad and Santa Ana del Yacuma-Departamento del Beni



Name of Client

CORDEBENI (Corporación Regional de Desarrollo del Beni)

Financing sources



01/1984 - 01/1988

Project Description

Flood protection and drainage works for Trinidad and Santa Ana (Beni District). Final design for improving the existing protection structures against flood risks and for drainage of rain waters. Assistance to tender for European pumping systems supply. Activities involved both Assistance and studies and final design elaboration.
The studies concerned the final design and tender document preparation for a protection dam against floods, rain water drainage system of the towns of Santa Ana and Trinidad and for the reconstruction of the Cesarsama bridge.
The Technical Assistance was carried out with various missions both during tender preparation and offers evaluation for equipment supply and during work execution.
The reconstruction of the Cesarsama bridge was carried out on a time and materials basis by the Local Administration by means of the equipment provided by the program (large-diameter pile boring machines for foundations and overhead traveling cranes for beam launching), which specifications and characteristics were defined during the study phase.

Services Description

Final design.