Chiauci dam

Rock-fill dam on the Trigno river at Chiauci (17.500.000 m³)



Name of Client

Consorzio di Bonifica in Sinistra Trigno del Sinello e Osento-Vasto-CASMEZ

Financing sources

Cassa per il Mezzogiorno di Italia


01/1986 - 01/1996

Project Description

Work Supervision and accounting for the construction of a rock-fill dam of 141 m in length, maximum height of 78 m, designed for supplying water for irrigation of grounds located on the left bank of the water course and for supplying water to the industrial area of Vasto, to the town of Civitanova in Sannio and to an electric plant; The design of a variant was carried out in order to meet dam provisions and the new seismic provisions; Particular rock consolidation interventions were carried out for the dam foundations, by using tie-beams and riveting. The upstream surface tightness was realised by using a layer of bituminous conglomerate. The base formations (clayey-marly formations) were waterproofed by a layer realised by cement mixture injections. The bottom drainage is composed of a circular tunnel on the right bank and has a radius of 4 m and a length of 462 m, it drains off a flow of 490 cm/sec. The surface drainage, located on the left bank, is of calyx type (h=32 m.), has a section of 10 m. in width, a length of 360 m. and drains off a flow of 2000 cm/sec. Moreover, complementary structures were designed for the rehabilitation of storage slopes in which hydrogeologic phenomena took place, a ring road and access roads to the dam and to stilling basins, an artificial lake creation near the town of Pescolanciano and a series of structures for reducing environmental impact. The final works, involving a total amount of 60 billions Lira (43.707.430.135 for works), have been approved by the Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici and financed by the European Commission.

Services Description

(Ing. F. Cesaroni). Complementary design. Works supervision and control, accounting.