Sinni river

Special Project 26/14/3023 - C.B. del Ferro e dello Sparviero - Drinking and irrigation water supply serving the Ionian part of Calabria by using the River Sinni waters impounded at Monte Cotugno, as well as necessary drainage works to avoid landslide risks.



Name of Client

Grassetto Costruzioni S.p.A.

Financing sources

Cassa per il Mezzogiorno di Italia


06/1984 - 11/1989

Project Description

The water supply pipeline crosses unstable areas which required a special consolidation structure. The activities were realized in two different phases:
1° phase: processing of preliminary design including tender documents.
2° phase: assistance to enterprise in processing construction designs.
The project envisaged the supply of drinkable water and irrigation of 30 km of Calabria region facing the Ionian Sea. In particular, drinkable water was supplied to five urban centers with an average population of approximately 30.000 inhabitants each, and irrigation was carried out in 7 schemes for a total of 1200 ha.
The main hydraulic structures were the following:
Water intakes with chamber from the Monte Cotugno supply for a flow of 0,8 m3/s;
Steel adduction pipelines with a diameter included between 800 and 400 mm, for a length of 25 km of which 1,5 km in tunnel and 1250 m realized on surface on mobile supports for crossing an area characterized by landslides; the supports were carried out with reinforced concrete elements that should follow landslide movements and, at the same time, allow to maintain the pipeline profile aligned and at the right height. This part of the work has been carried out by using steel piping with a diameter of 700 mm for a total flow of 0,8 m3/s;
12 catch basins for supplying 5 urban centers and 7 irrigation schemes;
4 pumping stations composed by an intake chamber; 5 electric pumps;
air tank for protecting the shaft columns against water hammer and a control room. The pumping stations were realized for a discharge included between 75 and 150 l/s and a manometric height between 25 and 100 m; the number of electric pumps met customers’ requirements;
12 km of pipelines with average diameter of approximately 200 mm for feeding urban centers storage;
56 km of main pipelines with diameter between 100 and 300 mm, for feeding irrigation schemes;
centralized system with synoptic board and room, for controlling, monitoring and managing the system.

Services Description

Preliminary, final and construction design; Feasibility study; topographical, hydrogeological, climatic, agronomic and structural studies.