Attigliano-Viterbo Railway Line

Railway bridge over river Tiber, Ch. 3+736 of the Attigliano-Viterbo Railway Line (Latium)



Name of Client

Enterprise Furlanis S.p.A

Financing sources

Italy National Railroad Company (Azienda Autonoma delle Ferrovie dello Stato- Servizio Lavori e Costruzioni)


Studio Morandi (Leader)


01/1985 - 01/1991

Project Description

Prestressed reinforced concrete bridge, characterized by a continuous beam of three spans (59-75-59 metres), a overhanging caisson put forward and junction ramps. Foundations are on large diameter piles (d=1500). The design included topographical and geognostic surveys, geotechnical and hydraulic study.

Services Description

Preliminary final and construction design, topographic study, geotechnical study, hydrologic study, static calculation in seismic areas, cost estimate.