Mussayeb-Samawa railway line

Update of the existing final design of the Mussayeb-Samawa railway line (227 km)



Name of Client

Italferr SpA

Financing sources

Italferr SpA


11/2005 - 09/2009

Project Description

The railway line links the towns of Mussayeb and Samawa passing by Kerbala, Najaf and Kufa for a total of 227 km. The line will operate in a first phase at 140 km/h, in a second one at 250 km/h.

The following structures were designed:
20 Box culverts
2 Triple box culverts
11 Railroad overpasses- W=9.50 L=12.50/13.00
13 Railway bridges – W=12.50 L=17.40/30.00/38.30/14.00 in concrete
22 Road bridges – W=9.50/12.00/13.00/13.50 L=38.30/30.40 in prestressed concrete

Services Description

Final design based on an existing design of 1983 of the Mussayeb-Samawa double track railway line. The review concerns the railway track, structures, geotechnics and permanent way in terms of calculation reports, plans, technical specifications, price breakdown, bill of quantities.
The study concerned the topographic survey of the layout, the new layout, the geological-technical study, the study of construction materials for road bed and ballast, structures foundations, preparation of technical specifications, bill of quantities, works estimate. The design included the design of the Mussayeb station.