New shunting station at Marcianise (Naples)

New shunting station at Marcianise (Naples) and its connection to the Cassino-Naples and Caserta-Foggia lines. 48 connecting and direction lines, with a capacity of 4,000 - 5,000 wagons/day. Wagon classification is made by using the shooting method



Name of Client

Enterprise Pontello SpA

Financing sources

Ministry of Transports


01/1984 - 01/1998

Project Description

Shunting station (65 Km of tracks for external lines, 93 Km for the station square with a capacity of 4700 wagon/day for a total of 158 Km of tracks); final design of service buildings for approximately 190.000 m³. The area involved is approximately 1,5 million square metres. 4 million square metres of ground were excavated for reclaiming of surface layer and for opening the railroad surface; 4,5 million square metres of selected ground were used as filling material; 200.000 square metres of concrete and 16.500 tons of steel were used.

Services Description

Preliminary and final design.