Package 1 in Mkushi District and Package 2 in Chibombo/Mumbwa Districts in Central Province

Monitoring of Output and Performance Based Road Contracts (OPRC) Package 1 in Mkushi District and Package 2 in Chibombo/Mumbwa Districts in Central Province



Name of Client

Road Development Agency


ZULU BURROW Consulting Ltd.


06/2019 - 06/2023

Project Description

The project concerns n°2 packages, namely Package1 in Mkushi District, covering n°7 earth roads for a total of 254 kms and Package2 in Chibombo and Mumbwa District covering n°4 earth roads for a total of 247.9 kms.

The assignment’s total duration is 60 months, split into n°3 phases, as follows:

  1. Phase1: Mobilization and Design Reviewn- 9 months
  2. Phase2: Rehabilitation and Improvement works’ supervision- 15 months
  3. Phase3: Maintenance works’ monitoring- 36 months


For each Phase, the consultancy contract’s specific objectives are:

  • Phase1 design review: this phase is expected to last 9 months, but it will overlap with Phase2. This overlapping is mainly due to the fact that, after the first 3 months’ mobilization, and the first 30 kms stretch approved design, the contractor will start immediately the rehabilitation of the same section, hence before the end of phase1. However, in parallel, he will also continue with the design activity for the rest of the roads and this will also determine an overlapping of the two phases. In fact, after mobilization, this stage’s main goal is assisting the Client in revising and approving the Contractor’s design in stretches of at least 30 kms. Moreover, the Monitoring Consultant will also check the Contractor’s bank guarantees, bonds or insurances validity and effectiveness, its resources mobilization, either human and material, and revise the Contractor’s Quality Assurance Manual, his proposed Method Statements, the proposed Work Plans and equipment. The contractor’s Health and Safety Management Plan will be also revised as well as the Technical Specifications and Bill of quantities will be constantly updated to incorporate the actual revised quantities. In Phase1, a Management Information System (MIS) will be also established and tested before actual implementation starts;


  • Phase2 Implementation: this Phase2 will last 15 months and the total duration of Pase1 + Phase 2 will be 24 months. During this phase, the Monitoring Consultant will do the quality checks, will keep the records of all events and the resources mobilized, will keep regular meetings with the Client and the stakeholders, will ensure all the Environmental and social mitigation measures are properly implemented, will prepare reports and regularly update the MIS data, will assess the consistency and correctness of the Interim payment certificates. During this phase, payments will be approved basing on the quality of the works and only executed sections, compliant with the required standards, will be payable;


  • Phase3 Monitoring: Phase 3 is expected to last 36 months. However, also this phase will have a variable period of overlapping with phase2, as in fact, the first completed sections of road will be handed over first, hence their maintenance will start earlier than the rest of the sections still to be completed. During Phase3 the Monitoring Consultant will carry out periodic inspections (monthly/quarterly intervals) to check and approve the Contractor’s Monthly Statements of Performance. Inspections will concern the performance criteria set out in the works contract.

Road project geometry:

Total road length:   254 + 247.9 km

Services Description

Phase I - Contract Mobilisation and Design Review: Inception Report & Quality Assurance Plan; Final Detailed Designs and Drawings Review Report

Phase II - Monitoring / Supervision of Rehabilitation and Improvement Works: Monitoring /Supervision Monthly Reports; Accident Reports; Claims and Extension of Time Reports; Draft Final Report; Final Report

Phase III - Monitoring of the Maintenance and Emergency Works: Monthly Reports; Accident Reports; Claims Reports; Final Report