Rio Pirai Master Plan

Master Plan for the hydrographical settlement of the Pirai Basin stream (Santa Cruz District)



Name of Client

SEARPI (Servicio de Encauzamiento de Aguas y Regularización del Rio Pirai)

Financing sources



01/1989 - 01/1991

Project Description

Master Plan for the hydrographical settlement of the Pirai Basin stream (Santa Cruz District).
The purpose of the project was: identify problems linked to the Pirai river; develop alternative solutions for existing problems; design a series of structures and measurements, at a foreseeable level, for regularizing a permanent stream of water with a suitable hydraulic capacity; protect areas at the risk of floods of Pirai river; decrease and/or control river sedimentation in involved branches; and, in general, improve security as per protection of economically relevant areas existing in the basin.
The hydrographic basin of the Pirai river develops in the mountainous region of the eastern Andean slope up to the Amazonian plain for a total surface of approximately 10.660 Km².
The Master Plan was developed according to preliminary and feasibility studies: Hydraulic check and definition of existing bridges sections or new bridges on the road and railway network crossing the Pirai river. Evaluation of contamination of the Pirai river and processing of control guidelines or procedures. Study of proposed structures viability and processing of the terms of reference for final designs of envisaged structures. The identification of existing problems linked to the Pirai river and the proposal of possible solutions were carried out on the basis of the following studies: Topographic, Hydrologic, Hydraulic, Geologic and Geotechnic, Geomorphologic, Hydro-sedimentologic, Technical alternatives, Contamination, and Viability. Moreover, the mapping of more than 260.000 ha along the Pirai river in scale 1:10.000 and 1:25.000, processed as part of the topographic study, allowed to prepare design plans of proposed structures.

Services Description

Economic and hydraulic study for the settlement of the Rio Pirai basin. Feasibility study.