Binational Master Plan, TDPS

Binational Master Plan for protection, conservation and development of the water resources of the basin formed by Titicaca Lake, Desaguadero River, Poopo Lake and Salar de Coipasa Lake (TDPS System).



Name of Client

SUB-COMILAGO (“Subcomisión mixta Peruano-Boliviana para el Desarrollo de la zona de integración del Lago Titicaca” Sotto commissione mista Peruviana-boliviana per lo sviluppo della zona d’integrazione del lago Titicaca)

Financing sources



INTECSA-Spain (Leader) - CNR-France (member)


10/1991 - 06/1995

Project Description

The purpose of the project was to draw a Binational (Bolivia-Peru) Master plan to protect, keep effective and renew for their proper and beneficial use the numerous water resources of the Titicaca Lake integration area, and to suggest a number of possible separate or joint exploitation schemes.
Main tasks have included:
- The study of floods and droughts periods due to hydrology and weather events, including the assessment of their socio-economic effects and environmental impact;
- analysis of possible alternatives to prevent and control floods and droughts while developing water resources, including management and control requirements and evaluation of social benefits and economic returns;
- study of the whole Lake Titicaca Integration area water resources to draw up an estimation of the volumes of water available for use without endangering the emissary normal flow (Rio Desaguadero) and/or the environmental stability of the whole area, as well as avoiding to impair local activities such as navigation, fisheries, tourism, etc.
- identification of schemes, either binational or national, to be implemented according to priorities and recommendations for a technical and legal framework to be used in the implementation and control of such schemes.

Services Description

Basic study: weather, hydrological, hydrogeological, geomorphological, fluviomorphologic, hydraulic, environment, fishing development and waters exploitation; Study of the floods problems linked with extreme hydrological and weather events; study of the different alternatives concerning prevention and control of floods and drought, complete study to determine water volumes to be used through the TDPS system without interfering on the Titicaca average emissary flow (Desaguadero stream) and on the environment; final designs for control and prevention works on floods and water resources supply of the system.