Bridges on the National Road Network

Feasibility study and preliminary design of selected bridges on the National Road Network



Name of Client

UNRA – Uganda National Roads Authority

Financing sources

UNRA – Uganda National Roads Authority


06/2013 - 03/2014

Project Description

The general objective of this assignment is to carry out an inventory/assessment of a certain number of structures (76) and propose implementation measures to undertake preliminary designs for construction works of the priority structures.


Specific objectives are:

  • Carry out a general inspection of all candidate bridges to update UNRA existing data base.
  • Carry out a detailed inspection of the superstructures and substructures of all compromised bridges to assess their structural integrity by identifying areas of performance weaknesses occasioned by traffic and/or environmental loads.
  • Study of options and design of appropriate repair/ strengthening / replacement and preventive measures for all compromised bridge structures to forestall deterioration as well as restore and strengthen condition and improve durability.
  • Prepare feasibility study and preliminary designs agreeable to the Client, consistent with available financing for implementation in the medium term.

Services Description

A total of 104 bridges located in different provinces of Uganda, were inspected and investigated and elaborations’ results were presented in the Detailed Inspection report and in the Prioritization report where all structures were grouped according to their priority. Given the detailed inspections’ findings and the available budget, after approval from UNRA , a total of 64 “Priority” structures were further investigated and a Preliminary design for each structure’s reconstruction/rehabilitation was presented in a Preliminary design report. The following tasks were performed for each selected “priority” structure:

  • Structural condition visual assessment
  • Topo surveying
  • Light Penetrometric Testing
  • Preliminary structural design
  • Preliminary quantity and cost estimate