Water system in Khartoum

Technical Assistance and supervision of rehabilitation works of water conditioning plant and water system of the town of Khartoum. Co-ordination and design review.



Name of Client

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – General Directorate for Cooperation

Financing sources

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


02/1994 - 06/1995

Project Description

Supervision of construction works for a pumping and water treatment plant, and widening of the water system of the town.
The project included the studies, the design and work supervision, including the following activities:
- widening and rehabilitation of the adduction plant in Mogram, in Khartoum, including the rehabilitation of the water resource on the Nile river and plant buildings;
- integration of drinkable water distribution plant in the centre of Khartoum;
- water intake plant of Burri in Khartoum;
- electromechanical and machinery supplies;
- training courses in Italy and in Khartoum for the personnel in charge of building and plant construction, and for the personnel in charge of treatment plant operation and maintenance.
Moreover, 7 000 m of water distribution network have been carried out inside the town of Khartoum.
The works were tested in 1996.

Services Description

Technical assistance and works supervision.