Arlit-Assamaka road, Lot 2 (Ch. 125 – Ch. 225)

Supervision of rehabilitation and paving works of the section Arlit-Assamaka Lot 2 (PK 125 - PK 225)


Arlit-Assamaka road, Lot 2 (Ch. 125 – Ch. 225)

Name of Client

Ministére de l’Equipement

Financing sources

African Development Bank


Art & Genie, Niger (membre)


01/2016 - 05/2018

Project Description

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the development of trade exchanges on road and to the regional integration between UMA, CDEAO, and CEEAC in general, and Algerie, Niger and Chad, in particular.

  • Specific objective is to improve the overall level of service on the Trans-Saharan Road and living conditions of populations in the project's area;
  • The specific objective of this contract is to ensure that the planned works are properly carried out.

The works concerning the rehabilitation and paving and hydraulic management of the road Arlit-Assamaka-Algerian border, Lot 2, 125-Pk PK 225.

Works concern the preparation of foundation, earthworks, construction of hydraulic structures, pavement, paving and signalling, environmental measures, related facilities.

Services Description

  • The review of the existing study with reference to earthworks, to preparation of foundation, to construction of hydraulic structures and, in particular, to the carriageway design and quality control of materials chosen for the works;
  • Works control and supervision: materials quality control and their implementation;
  • Quantities control and relative compensation and budget;
  • Environmental control;
  • Assistance for works realization;
  • Support to the Administration for the resolution of possible claims.