Cameriano-Orfengo road

Engineering services concerning the regional road 11, adjustment to IV CNR class (already C1), with variant to Cameriano and Orfengo towns. ARES code 013NO03



Name of Client

ARES Piemonte

Financing sources

ARES Piemonte


PM Consulting – Torino


11/2003 - 07/2006

Project Description

The design concerns the variant roads to Cameriano and Orfengo on the regional road 11 of “Padana Superiore”, between km 83+437 and Km 88+750, in the Casalino municipality, located in the western part of the Novara plane, near the border of the Vercelli province. The structure is included in the realization of the connection between A4, east of Novara, and A26, near Borgo Vercelli, and it completes the road lacking. The new structure concerns the construction of a layout variant on the regional road 11, representing a by-pass of Orfengo and Cameriano towns, so as to reduce incidents, pollution and vibrations due to heavy traffic, and to eliminate internal and transit traffic conflicts.

The design envisages the elimination of junctions that are not duly canalized by the main viability, and the introduction of three roundabouts for the positioning of intersections between the new infrastructure and the existing viability.

The design was conceived safeguarding the complex rice-field basins water system existing in this particular context, in which the new road runs, and using a simple but secure system for collecting and depurating platform waters.

Services Description

Preliminary design of the whole structure, technical, economic and environmental feasibility study. Final design of Cameriano and Orfengo variant roads (Regional Road n. 11)