Cap Haitien-Labadie road (7 km)

Supervision of construction/rehabilitation works of the Cap Haitien-Labadie road (7 km)



Name of Client

Ministére des Travaux Publics, Transports et Communication

Financing sources

World Bank (IDA) and Haitian Government


02/2016 - 03/2017

Project Description

The road linking Cap-Haitien to the seaside resort of Labadie starts at the intersection of P and 21 roads, in the center of Cap-Haitine, and ends at the entrance of Labadie. It covers approximately 7.5 km on the layout of the departmental road 15.

Taking into account the classification of intervention areas, the rehabilitation and construction works are:

Crossing of inhabited areas :

  • Preparation of the roadway ;
  • Rehabilitation or reconstruction of drainage works;
  • Creation or rehabilitation of side drainage ditches ;
  • Realisation of the carriageway.

Inhabited areas

  • Speed 40km/h;
  • Widening of roadway with the construction of shoulders;
  • Increase of rays and widening of curves;
  • Cutting, shaping and stabilizing the upstream slopes;
  • Construction of retaining walls downstream of the road, especially for protecting the road and against erosion in presence of heavy flooding;
  • Rehabilitation or reconstruction of drainage works;
  • Traffic signs and markings.

Services Description

The project aims at the reconstruction of the Cap Haïtien – Labadie road. The works are realized within a road structures rehabilitation program of the Ministry of Public Works, Transports and Communication and are financed by the World Bank (IDA).

Preparation and submission to the Client of all projects deemed necessary for the progress of the works and the technical, administrative and financial progress of the works. Daily control of works budget and management of financial expenses linked to the contract. Preparation of the orders of service.