Dédougou-Nouna-Djibasso-Mali border road

Technical economic feasibility studies, environmental assessment, final design for construction and bitumen surface works of the national road n° 14 Dédougou-Nouna-Djibasso-Mali border (140 km)


Burkina Faso

Name of Client

Ministère des Infrastructures et du Désenclavement. Direction General des Routes

Financing sources

National Budget


Associated Engineers Srl, Roma (Subappalto)


03/2007 - 12/2007

Project Description

The road is currently an earth road with a width of approximately 7 meters between Dedougou and Nouna. After Nouna the road is an earth road of variable width between 7-8 m and 3-4 m. The last section is often interrupted due to the lack or to non suitability of drainage structures.

Following the environmental impact study and the economic cost efficiency study, the covering of the road has been taken into account. It is worth saying that the road runs across national borders, therefore it will allow for the opening up of the northern eastern part of Burkina, characterized by agricultural production zones, strengthening the exchanges with northern and western regions of the country and Mali.

The project includes:

  • Geometrization of the existing layout and the realization of earthworks including the shifting of the axis in 9 points, according to a reference speed of 100 km/h;
  • The realization of a natural laterite gravel carriageway with a double layer lining (7 m of double layer carriageway + 2x2 m of single layer shoulders);
  • The realization of drainage works (culverts) and lengthening of existing works in good condition;
  • Realization of n. 2 two-span bridges of 23 m each (46 m of total length);
  • Rehabilitation of 1 section of the dam road;
  • The realization of vertical and horizontal signalling;
  • The realization of 2 toll stations.

Services Description

Technical economic feasibility study, environmental assessment, topographic study, geotechnical, hydraulic, economic and traffic study, preliminary study (topographic,
geotechnical, hydraulic study), final design, detailed engineering design and
preparation of tender documents.