Trigno Valley Expressway

Trigno Valley Expressway, Lot IV and V



Name of Client

Isernia Provincial Administration

Financing sources

Cassa per il Mezzogiorno


ing.Zaccardi, prof.Esu, ing.Scalesse (members)


11/1977 - 09/1987

Project Description

Fondo Valle Trigno:

4th lot –  part 0 –   Design n° 5235

4th lot – 1st part –  Design n° 5217

4th lot – 2nd part – Design n° 5256

5th lot -                  Design n° 5230

The Fondo Valle Trigno road is part of the connection between the Tirrenian and Adriatic sea and links the trunk road 17 to Isernia through the Bologna-Canosa highway in Vasto. The Appennine crossing height is 800 m above the sea level near Chiauci. The main road crosses grounds particularly complex from the geological point of view, that required strong reclamation and rehabilitation interventions and are characterised by viaducts in prestressed concrete , for a total length of more than 10 km, with high spans and heights and underground structures for a total length of approximately 7 km, that often exceed one kilometer in length. All structures have been calculated to be built in seismic areas.

The design includes: the Isernia, Sessano and Pescolanciano junctions; besides the preliminary and final design, the project included the geological-technical survey, the hydraulic study, the preparation of Tender Documents and Work Supervision.

4th lot – Part 0 – 2nd section: from the S.P. Trignina (near Sprondasino) to the Sente stream – Design n° 5235 – 1979 – 1987

testing in 1989 – works amount Lit 11.327.567.453

-          Viaducts: Piccione, Trigno I, Colle Dolce I and II, Delle Valli, Piane, Trigno II, Sente

-          Colle Piccione tunnel of 250.00 lm.

4th lot – 1st part: from the Civitanova del Sannio junction to the Bagnoli one.

Design n° 5217 – 1980 – 1989

Testing in 1990 – works amount Lit

-          Fossate viaduct of 538.00 lm, with spans of 68.00 lm, prestressed reinforced concrete beams – pillars of 40.00 m height – foundation on pits of 30-35 lm

-          Viaducts: S. Donato – Creta Rossa I and II – Frasso I, II, III – beams of 35.00 lm in prestressed reinforced concrete – foundations on pits

-          Trigno viaduct of 1.470 lm – prestressed reinforced concrete frame structure for spans of 90.00 lm and beams of 68.00 lm – pillars of 85.00 m height with foundations piles Ø 1500

-          Vella viaduct of 532.00 lm, with prestressed reinforced concrete beams of 68.00 lm

-          Casino del Duca tunnel of 170 lm.

4th lot – 2nd part – 5th lot: from the Isernia junction to te Civitanova del Sannio one. Design n° 5217 – 1980 – 1987.

Testing in 1990 – works amount Lit 43.823.831.639

-          Trigno viaduct of total length 1.470 m, frame structure with spans of 90.00 m, pylons of 85.00 m height, pile foundations on 30.00 m deep pits and piles Ø 2000.

Services Description

Preliminary and final design. Works supervision.