Kigali-Gatuna road

Rehabilitation study of the Kigali-Gatuna road (80 km) and actualization of the Study of Rehabilitation (2008)



Name of Client

Ministère des Infrastructures

Financing sources

Grant of Japan managed by IDA (International Development Association)


11/2008 - 03/2009

Project Description

The Kigali-Gatuna road has a length of 80 Km and it is part of primary road network at international level. In fact, it links Rwanda to Uganda. It is located in the northern part of the country and it is part of the Northern Corridor.

This project must determine and quantify the nature of interventions according to degradations, geotechnical and traffic characteristics. It will lead to the preparation of tender documents for works on the basis of conclusions of the technical study, economic study and recommendations of the environmental impact study.

The project includes :

  1. evaluation of traffic nature and intensity;
  2. complete technical study for slope reinforcement and protection;
  3. economic feasibility study and environmental impact study;
  4. preparation of tender documents.

In the year 2008 AIC Progetti carried out the actualization of the study of rehabilitation financed by the Government of Rwanda.

Services Description


Traffic study, topographic and geotechnical studies, hydro-geologic study and road security study. Road dimensioning. Preparation of tender documents. Actualization of the Study of rehabilitation.